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Welcome to Save Ohio Strays!
Life Saver for healthy strays in Medina and surrounding areas. We are a 501(c) (3) non-profit, all volunteer organization.
Make a difference - donate securely online!

OUR MISSION: To provide safe and loving homes for companion animals who would otherwise be destined for premature euthanasia at local shelters.

There are 45 cats and dogs for every person born. Only 1 out of 10 dogs born ever get a home. Only 1 out of 12 cats born ever find a home. 800 dogs & cats are KILLED each HOUR in the U.S, because there are not enough homes for them. Opt to adopt. Don't buy-especially from a pet store!



Sunday, April 26th, 1 - 3pm
Wadsworth Petco, Wadsworth Crossings

Saturday, May 2nd, 11 - 2pm
Pat O'Briens, Medina


Sunday, June 28th
5th Annual Jane's Angel Fund Putt-Putt Fundraiser
Rinky Dink Family Fun Center in Medina, Ohio
Details to follow!

Saturday, July 25th
Putt For Paws Golf Outing
Skyland Golf Course
Details to follow!

Sunday, August 30th
Annual SOS Dog Walk
Registration at 10am and dog walk at 11am
Buckeye Woods Park
Details to follow!

Some sad news...

Sweet Giselle crossed the rainbow bridge over the weekend. She came to SOS after being dumped outside in this horrible freezing weather. It was obvious she was someones cat for as sweet and loving as she was. It only took a few days before we new something was not right with her. So off to the vets office to see what was wrong. After many exams, x-rays, blood work, exploratory surgery that included biopsies we still did not have the answers we needed. Unfortunately she lost her battle with what ever was going on inside her before we could find out. I can at least say for her last three weeks of life she was warm, feed and most of all LOVED! So I say THANK YOU to all those that donate to Save Ohio Stays as we would not be able to do this with out you. Giselle's last three weeks could have been very different if it weren't for you and your love of animals. Kelly, SOS foster


HUGE thank you to Hometown Veterinary Services for designating us as one of THREE lucky recipients for their holiday donation drive! Take a look at this haul! HUGE! Kailey and the staff there evidently have some amazingly generous clients! Bags and bags of food, litter, supplies and more! Wow! We will put all of this to good use. Pls make sure you like their page and thank them! We are very grateful they picked us! They researched local groups and chose us as one of the lucky winners!
Such a nice surprise!

A Tribute to Joey…

As we discussed in the newsletter, 10 years of saving lives means some loss along the way. When you get into rescue, you never stop and think about all the pain loving and saving animals can bring. Sometimes their time on earth is simply not long enough. Below is an incredible and beautiful note from adopters of a kitten just 3 years ago from SOS named Joey. All of us were so very touched and heartsick to read their beautiful note. To have a life well LOVED as he did with them drives us to continue this good work. Sadly, with the success of 10 years, comes the stories of love and loss. This is a story of both mixed with hope and no regrets.
We never know how long any of us have, but to be loved and cherished, is the hope for all. Thank you to this wonderful family for the note and kind words. Adopters like this truly make 10 more years something to look forward to! RIP sweet Joey - we will see you when we cross that bridge.
Sandy C., President

Dear Save Ohio Stays -
Three years ago today you called me about an orange fur baby named Joey. It was snowing out, but it didn't stop us from driving to Petco to adopt him. He has brought us nothing but love and great affection to our household. He asks everyone in the morning how they slept and when you walk thru the door after work he's the first one greet you at the door to ask you how your day went ... I love his cheery meows and his vivacious purr!
Two weeks ago we took him to the vet for his routine check up but we also noticed that he just wasn't our Joey. The vet did some blood work and noticed a problem - Joey was diagnosed with Liver Disease. He stayed with the vet for 4 days - he wasn't eating and was jaundiced. The day we brought him home was the happiest day. All of his other fuzzy buddies ( all SOS babies) were so excited to see him. He was energetic - losing the yellow jaundiced color and eating well. Unfortunately yesterday he refused to eat - his eyes were swollen and I notice the jaundice was coming back.
We went to the vet tonight - we were given the choice of a long hospital stay, a biopsy involving surgery, a possible painful recovery or letting him feel better and join the angels in the sky where he will always be beautiful and healthy. My husband and I could never let him suffer and by the look in his eyes he was.
My husband and I would just like to thank you for that call on 12/18/2011 and blessing us with 3 of the most wonderful years. It was an honor to adopt Joey and we will miss him very much.
God Bless you all and all of the things you do for the beautiful animals that grace our lives daily - Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season,
Susan and Gene

2014 Fall/Winter Newsletter....

Check out the 2014 Fall/Winter Newsletter just out! Click the picture to the left to view the newsletter. It will take a few moments to load as it is a big file but wanted you to have the full color version with all the great pictures!


Thank you Bissell for your generous donation.

2014 Spring/Summer Newsletter....

Check out the 2014 Spring/Summer Newsletter just out! Click the picture to the left to view the newsletter. It will take a few moments to load as it is a big file but wanted you to have the full color version with all the great pictures!

Save Ohio Strays

Ink Cartridge Recycling...

Not recycling your empty ink or toner cartridges, donate them to SOS to help the animals. SOS recycles ink and toner cartridges and uses the money for office supplies. You can help the animals by simply dropping your ink and toner cartridges off at any SOS event. We collect them all year long.

Purina Weight Circles...

Use Purina products to feed your cat or dog? Did you know SOS could use them to help feed the animals. SOS collects Purina weight circles and we then turn them in to Purina for coupons to purchase food for the animals. You can drop them off at any SOS event or mail them to Save Ohio Strays, P.O. Box 16, Wadsworth, Ohio 44282. THANK YOU!

Amazon Wish List...

With saving 25 puppies in the last few months our supplies are running low. Please consider making a donation from the comfort of your home. Just use the link below to purchase items from our wish list and your items will be delivered to us! Spend $35 dollars and shipping is free for most items (read the description after clicking on an item). Just click on the Amazon picture to the left and you will be taken to our wishlist. THANK YOU in advanced for helping the animals.

Check out all of our WONDERFUL Sponsors on our Sponsor Page!

SOS Sponsor and Supporter....

Lazor Insurance is a wonderful sponsor and supporter of SOS. Please remember them for your insurance needs. Click on the picture to the left and you will be taken to their website.


Save Ohio Strays

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Games, safety tips and more to come! Special thank you to Jim Mirl for creating this!

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SPECIAL THANK YOU to all of our wonderful foundations for their generous support!

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LOW COST SPAY & NEUTER FOR CATS. Cost $50.00 for owned cats & 20.00 feral-shots & fixed! Click here to sign up! To register visit or call 1-866-MOBL-VET.

PLEASE SPAY & NEUTER! In 1990, an estimated 12 million animals were being euthanized in shelters across the country. Today, that number is 3.7 million. The only way to stop 3.7 million needless deaths is to stop overpopulation. Spaying and neutering is the best & most humane method. Here is a link to some affordable spay/neuter programs.

Spay/Neuter Programs

DONATE WISH LIST ITEMS can be dropped off at any event.

We need Foster Homes!
Fostering is the lifeblood of this organization! We give you the food, supplies, and vet care, all you add is love. Check out the Foster Program FAQ's, call us at 440.567.3585 or E-mail us.

Save those empty printer cartridges...
AND help save a life! They can be dropped off at any SOS adoption event.

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