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Zoe --Private Adoption-

Breed:  Tortoiseshell - Domestic Short Hair (mix)
Age: 4 yrs       Gender:  Female
Weight:    Other: 
Altered: Yes  

This is a private adoption that SOS posts as a courtesy. All inquiries need to be directed to the indicated party listed in the description................................................ Zoe is a great cat who's decided she no longer wants to live with her sister (can you relate? :)) She will take a piece of my heart with her, but it seems she needs to be the only cat in the house, as months of trying to re-introduce the sisters have shown me. She is almost 4 and her favorite toys are tissue paper and pipe cleaners, and water (including ice cubes!). The pipe cleaners frequently end up in the water. While she's not a lap cat, when she wants to cuddle she lays on my chest/stomach, where she has a special "cuddle mode" purr. She also occasionally gets up on her hind feet when she wants to be picked up! She likes to drink from cups and the sink (I have a kitty fountain she likes also.) She's good about using a scratching post and not the furniture. She is what they call a Hemingway cat....a polydactyl because she has an extra toe on all 4 paws.... so there are also extra nails :)). Zoe taught me that kittens grow into their paws like puppies her paws were big as a kitten and shes a big cat (about 18 pounds right now though I think she could lose a bit once she has more freedom than having to keep her and her sister separate has allowed.) She has big ol mitts for paws now :) She's good with me and other people, just not good with other cats. She has not been around kids much and is definitely a tortie in terms of attitude so my guess is small kids might not be best. Im not sure about dogs. She was around a dog as a tiny kitten with the woman who fostered them but has not been since (I think picked up her love of water and some toy habits from that shepherd! :)) Zoe is up to date on shots,and just had her annual visit in early February. And she is fixed. Getting a copy of her medical records would not be a problem. With her small adoption fee, I'll send her baskets, some food and treats, and toys with her, and a litter box. She will probably be on meds for the transition but I have those and they can be put in her food. She will likely be shy at first but once comfortable I think she will be ok. She has a lot of love to offer a home where she can be the sole Queen cat of the castle :) If this sounds like the type of cat you are looking for please contact me. She is loved and will not be going to just anyone. Any questions or to meet Zoe please call me, Shannon, at 216-965-3594 or email: Private Adoption- This is a private adoption that SOS posts as a courtesy. All inquiries need to be directed to the indicated party listed in the description

Additional information: *Housetrained  *Needs home with no cats  *Current on shots  

Phone: 216-965-3594
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