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Beautiful Kia only needed another week!

Beautiful Kia is a shining example of what we do. The shelter called us about her on a Friday afternoon. They said she was dropped off at the shelter a week before with all her adorable pups. The owner was moving and couldn't handle. Sadly, all the pups got homes, but poor Kia was facing death, and had no idea...

This really beautiful, fluffy Golden Retriever / Golden Lab mix pictured here with her new 'sister' is the epitome of what we do! Loving, healthy, and completely placeable, all Kia needed was that extra week. She fit right in here, and I knew it was just a matter of time.

She would prance around our yard like she was at a dog show, and just loved to play with all the toys. She loaded up on good food and finally had the rest from her pups that she sorely needed.

48 hours after she was posted, we had responses from not only local adopters, but folks willing to drive from Michigan and Pennsylvania!

We had a wonderful family respond locally. They feel in love when they met! She was so happy to meet them, I just knew it was meant to be.

Kia's new parents stopped by our last open house to update us. They brought her along and she stole the show as usual. Her new mom told me of how she now sleeps in bed with them!

So many people ask how I can foster and give them up. This is how... to know that they go into such amazing and loving homes gives me a personal feeling of satisfaction that I truly can't express well enough!

Thanks Kia for crossing our path and thanks to Kia's new family for loving her like we did! SC
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