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Heidi’s future is bright despite being Heartworm positive!

Heidi is another great example of what we do. Saved on her final day with her last three pups (she had been turned in as a stray with NINE puppies), this sweet, loving momma touched everyone she met! Sweet, unassuming, and still trusting the hand that obviously did not feed or care for her, Heidi needed a break. She was very thin, full of fleas and her coat was dry and shedding badly.

Despite her rough little life, she filled a room with love when you met her. In fact, Dr. Pepin who examined her and tested her for heartworm was struck by her sweetness. When the heartworm test came back positive, our hearts collectively sank. Heartworm is a nasty, easily prevented disease that devastates its victim’s heart with live worms and then takes their life.

The good news is that Dr. Pepin volunteered to treat her for cost because she was so special, and she thought she was a good candidate for survival and recovery! She was confirmed to be in Stage 1 which is as promising as it gets for heartworm.

We began treatments with cautious optimism, and Heidi responded beautifully. Like the trouper she is, she let them inject the painful treatments in her little back and handled the pain. She would come home each day and just soak up the love. It is a scary time – watching for signs of trouble and knowing we could lose her any time. Frankly, it was my first heartworm dog and I was more than nervous for her.

We nicknamed her ‘the Velcro Dog’ as she absolutely loved to just be near and against you. All this sweet girl wanted was love, and she got lots of it. She slept by my side in the bedroom so we could monitor her breathing and recovery. The hardest part of recovery is keeping them calm and inactive… especially in our home which is full of foster pups and kitties and our own animals!

Three weeks later to the day of her final treatment, I am thrilled to announce she has her own forever home! An acquaintance of ours had asked us to keep an eye peeled for a sweet, calm adult female for their mom. Enter Winnie, a very special widow looking for a loving companion, who met Heidi and it was absolute love on both parts. AND, her nephew is a veterinarian so we all knew she would be well cared for given her special condition!

Heidi is just one example of several wonderful adult dogs that are requiring more than normal vet care. Thanks to supporters like you, we are able to give them all the extra care and medical treatments they need. Congratulations Heidi on finding your own forever home and congratulations Winnie and Family for recognizing her good heart despite her condition!

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