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Our Sweet Jack finally gets his forever home!

Jack was a first for us in our first year. He was the first blind dog we have cared for. When no rescue group could step up to help this poor boy, our very own Calean did! She did not hesitate to come to his rescue, and they were buddies from then on.

Everyone who met Jack, loved Jack. This handsome Lab/ Spaniel mix had been hit by an SUV several years ago which caused his sudden and full blindness. Jack’s only real handicap was in people’s perceptions, not in his abilities. When you watched him navigate or charm a room, you could only be in awe of his amazing power to sense things. He loved parties, and throughout the holiday season, he was our ambassador along with Hubba Bubba.

We really did not think it would take 6 months for someone to fall in love. But, Jack was waiting… He loved his foster family, but somehow knew this was not his final stop. Finally, the most amazing woman contacted Calean. Her daughter had seen his story and told her about him. With Janet’s youngest child going off to college, she knew she was ready for something to fill that gap. Her two beagles wanted a buddy, and she needed a project!

When Janet and Jack met for the first time, it was instant chemistry. Jack took her on a tour of the neighborhood, and she watched in awe as he navigated his areas. She had taken off her shoes when she entered Calean’s house, and Jack first stumbled over them a bit. The next time they went by that area, Jack walked AROUND the shoes. This was no ordinary dog, and he was really not handicapped!

We are thrilled to report that Jack went to his forever home this week! Pictured here is Calean giving him his goodbye kiss. We all cried as we all loved him. Janet even took a few days off work to be able to familiarize him to his new home! She called Calean the day after they went home together to tell her how much she already loved him. We knew it was just a matter of time. Thanks to Calean for seeing the beauty in this dog and giving him the second chance he deserved and thanks to Janet for seeing his soul and giving him a wonderful, loving home!

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