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Tasha Brings new meaning to the term Potty Mouth!

Tasha Brings new meaning to the term Potty Mouth!

You all probably expect another story about a dog that enjoys the occasional toilet water cocktail, but this one has a twist. Tasha, an adorable, petite shepherd mix, was a rescue from Brunswick Animal Control. She was found very cold and scared running all over a local park in Brunswick on New Year’s Day. She would not come near Mike Kellums, Animal Control Officer for Brunswick, who worked tirelessly for hours trying to catch her. Finally, needing to use the facilities, Mike went off to the restroom, but left his car door open just in case…

He was delighted to see that it worked! Tasha was sitting in the passenger seat waiting for him when he came back. After almost two weeks, Mike asked for our help. When she became a little too much at the first foster home, I took her as a playmate for Leroy. Play they did! They romped all over their room and our yard like kids.

When Leroy got his own forever home (see pg. X), Tasha was bummed. My dogs tire of young dog play quickly. She really was sweet and wanted to please, so we knew it was just a matter of time. We got a call from a Father that saw Tasha in the paper. He was looking for a family dog for his wife and three boys to play with. Tasha saw her name written all over that request! They came that day by themselves so to not get the boys’ hopes up.

She charmed the heck out of them when they came to meet her. She danced around, and cuddled and sat on command. There was definite chemistry. John and Valerie went home to discuss. When I got their call to adopt her, I was thrilled for her. And, even more exciting, each one of their boys had picked her out separately when visiting our web site!

Adoption day! John and Val came to pick up their new ‘baby’ girl to surprise the boys when they got home from school that day. We were reviewing the contract and packing her goodie bag to go. Imagine my surprise when I reached down for one of her toys I was going to send, and there lay our lovely toilet bowl scrubber! Now the pieces of the puzzle all came together as I had found the other scrubber for that downstairs bathroom out in the yard a week earlier. Blaming it on Leroy, I did not give it further thought. But the true ‘Potty Mouth’ was our very own little Tasha!

Despite her bad manners, Mom and Dad took her home that day. And, last email from John said this, “Hi! Tasha is doing GREAT! I have probably said 50 times or more...’I can't believe that someone would get rid of her! I can't imagine what type of problem would cause someone to kick her out!’

She really has been great. No problems. We are working on our walks and house rules. She listens and corrects any unwanted behavior immediately. The pinch collar is great, too. Thanks for checking in. John.”

Well congratulations little Miss Potty Mouth! Another success story!
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