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This dog is remarkably unremarkable – a brindle lab mix. He was a middle aged boy due to be put down in a local shelter. He had TERRIBLE greeting behaviors when he met other dogs but was beautifully rehabilitated by one of our core volunteers, Teri Fodor. He holds the second record in longest foster dog – almost 8 months. He was awful when he met a new dog and was returned for chasing cats. We wondered when, if ever, he would get his own home. Then, the most amazing thing happened...

We hope you enjoy this wonderful letter and pictures as much as we did! Thank you Jen & Mike for loving him so much and reminding us that THIS IS WHY WE DO THIS!

Here is Jen & Mike’s letter to us:

Hello Teri,

We wanted to write a letter letting you and everyone at SOS know how wonderfully Rambo has been adjusting to his new home. A few weeks after we adopted Rambo we brought him to the SOS. dog walk at Plum Creek. So many people recognized him and came up to us asking how he was doing, and telling us how happy they were to see he had a new home. On our way home that day we realized how many people played such an important role in saving him and we wanted to thank each of you by letting you know what a happy and loveable addition to our family he has been.
After a mild case of the jitters the first few days, which his foster mom Teri was a huge help with, he has settled in beautifully. He is even beginning to make friends with our two cats! Rambo loves to be included in whatever we are doing. Whether watching mike cut the grass, or sitting by my feet while making dinner, he is never more than a step or two away. His favorite things to do are going for car rides and taking walks through the neighborhood. He gets so excited when he hears the car keys or sees us get his leash out that he runs in circles! Every time we go outside he sits next to the car just hoping he gets to jump in. So far his biggest adventure has been going to Bow-Wow Beach Dog Park in Stow where he had a great time splashing through the water and playing with all the other dogs. When it was time to leave we had a hard time catching him!
Recently Rambo completed obedience school where he was the star of his class. Thanks again to his foster mom Teri who spent so much time teaching him how to sit and walk on a leash he had a bit of an advantage. Rambo has also been busy learning his new invisible fence. He was a little confused at first but after many, many treats and lots of encouragement he now runs all over they yard!
We are so happy to have found Rambo. Thank you to everyone at SOS who took the time to care for him and give him a second chance. This has been such a positive experience that we have told all our friends and neighbors about SOS and hope that they will opt to adopt and help save a life too.

Mike & Jen Noll

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