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An Extraordinary Black Cat

We get more than our fair share of black cats each year, and like big black dogs, they are usually the last to get homes. Meet an extraordinary little girl who wrote us about her SOS Black Kitty:
Hi this is Marissa,

We have enjoyed having Ozzy as a part of our family, he does a lot of funny stuff! He was 9 months old when we got him and when we brought him home we kept him in the un-finished part of our basement whereTiger could see him but not get in. Tiger would watch Ozzy all day. On the 3rd day we let Ozzy have the run of the house and he and Tiger have been best friends ever since. Ozzy is very playful, loving and funny, REALLY, REALLY funny! Here are some funny things Ozzy does:he will take our bathroom rug and drag it down stairs to cuddle on, he makes this really funny (sometimes annoying) sound when he wants someones attention and he is only social with our family because when anyone knocks on our door he runs upstairs to hide under my sisters bed, when him and Tiger play fight he rolls over and does somersaults and just the look on his face is 'did I do that', and the really annoying but funny thing is he wakes up mom and dad all hours of the night by talking to them, he's not looking for food, he just wants someone to talk to.

I knew that Ozzy would be the one to take to Fair when I laid him on his back to check his toe nails and when I was done he just laid there, he didn't move or run away. He lets me put a harness and leash on him and he loves it when I brush him. He also loves anything with feathers.

So yes I think Ozzy does deserve that 3rd place ribbon and next year I am going to take Ozzy to the Fair again, this time I hope we win 1st prize! We all love Ozzy very much and thank you for letting our family adopt him we really appreciate it!

I am glad that I could send you our family story and I am glad that you will put it on the website and in the newsletter, maybe more families will make a home for a funny cat like Ozzy.

Thank you.
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