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Pepper – Definitely NOT just another Pretty Face!

June 2005
OK, when I saw this picture of our latest rescue a few months ago, I was not sure if we had decided to also save companion aliens as part of our mission. Obviously, we don’t just grab the pretty ones, although some said he was the cutest dog they had ever seen! I was not one of them….

Poor little guy was scared to death and on his last day at the shelter, when one of our volunteers saved him for us. Diane, our Vice-President, had a houseful already with Ty and her puppies, but she made room for one more, which is her style.

Pepper had some really ‘endearing’ qualities like marking everything and well, let’s just say, showing ‘affection generously’ on both animate and inanimate objects! Yes, Pepper needed to be fixed asap. Five days later he was altered and all utd on shots.

Eight days later, this little guy went proudly with his new momma to his new forever home! Just goes to show you, there is a match out there for everyone! Happy Trails Pepper and thanks to all of you which help make this happen!
Sandy Caldwell, President

As a follow, I got this note from his new momma, Patricia. "Hi! I'm Pepper's "adoptive" mom, and I just wanted to tell you how excited I was to see him featured in your newsletter! His name is now Kenneth,(which means 'handsome and fiery' in Celtic)-so as you can tell, I do think he's great looking, but I do call him my little alien all the time! After a great deal of research into his mix, I finally found a match for him-he definitely does have some cattle dog in him,
as he heels like crazy, but he's a merle rat terrier, too. There is a site called Running Ridge-a kennel
that breeds these dogs, and there are a few that could be his brother and he's not the only one. I can definitely vouch that they're rare though-every time I take him with me I get stopped and people just have to look and try to figure out what on earth he is! Finding out what he was mixed with has really helped me in training him, as he is so much more
feisty and aggressive that my cattle dogs-now I understand why, and how to work with him, and we're making good progress. You are right-there is a match for every dog out there, and I am so grateful that you rescued this little guy so I could find him. He is a wonderful addition to the family. :) Thanks again, Patricia."

Wow, Patricia, not only was he a GREAT addition to the SOS family, but so are you! How wonderful for you to not only see the beauty in this sweet boy, but to take the time to research and work with him! Thanks to people like Patricia, we are able to save and place wonderful adoptables into the most amazing homes!
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