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High Energy Dogs

High-Energy Dogs

Many dogs have a strong work ethic and a psychological need to stay busy. A high-energy dog will do best if he is given work to do, thereby giving him a means of using his energy in a constructive manner. If he is not given a job to do, he will find one--and most likely you will not be pleased!

Breeds and mixes with Pointer, Retriever, herding, terrier, hound, and similar heritages typically have a high energy level. These dogs need toys, daily walks, play time, and as many ways to burn off their energy as possible. Here are some helpful suggestions:

* Provide toys, including Frisbees, tennis balls, Buster cubes, Kong toys, as well as playtime with other dogs.

* Make the dog a part of daily family life. Take him or her along whenever possible.

* When you can't take the dog along, make sure he or she gets some exercise before you go, and that he or she has something fun to do while you are gone (Kong toys and Buster cubes).

* Play with your dog for a short period several times a day.

* Get involved in obedience training and competitions to take advantage of your dog's strong bond with a family member.

The success of life with a high-energy dog depends largely on the owner. If you are considering adoption of one of the above-mentioned breeds or mixes, please consider whether your lifestyle is accommodating. If you do not have the time, energy, or physical ability to handle one of these dogs, you will want to consider a different breed
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