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Keep your cat safe - keep them indoors!

Keep Your Cat Indoors

If you love your cat, keep it indoors because:

* Cars kill millions of cats each year.
* Outdoor cats are exposed to serious and often fatal infectious diseases such as feline leukemia and rabies.
*Parasites such as fleas, ticks, and intestinal worms pose a grave health threat to your cat. Some of these are transmitted to humans, as well.
* Cats outdoors are frequently chased by coyotes, dogs, or other cats, and are killed, injured, or hopelessly lost.
* Cats are often shot at, poisoned, trapped, or tortured by neighbors annoyed by the cat using their garden as a litterbox or hunting birds and other small animals.
* Cats that spend their time outdoors require more medical treatment and have much shorter life-spans than indoor cats.

If you love wildlife, keep your cat indoors because:

* Four to five million birds are killed by cats each day. Ground-nesting birds are particularly susceptible to predation by cats.
* Collar bells on cats don't work, because birds and other wildlife do not associate the bell sound with being stalked.
* Cats will hunt wild animals regardless of how well they're fed.
* Almost all young birds leave the nest before they can fly well and spend a day or two on the ground. These fledglings are frequently caught by cats as they are learning to fly. Most of the birds that are caught but not killed outright die of their injuries or infections.
* Cats that kill small rodents can eliminate a critical food source for owls and hawks.

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