Foster Program

Q: How does the foster program work? A: Fosters are the most important part of our rescue group. Without our foster homes, we would be able to save only a fraction of the animals that we do. Foster homes provide potential adopters with answers to questions such as is an animal housetrained, good with other pets, etc. They also allow a traumatized animal the time necessary to recuperate and show their true, beautiful colors. There is nothing more rewarding than taking an animal so near to premature euthanasia and giving it a second chance. Can you be that second chance for one of our homeless pets?

Q: I couldn't foster because I could not give them up - how do you do that? A: As hard as it may seem, this is really the most selfless and loving part of the process. By saving them in fostering, you are giving them a second chance. The reality is you simply can't keep all your fosters, but you can SAVE them and make a huge difference for so many. It is your greatest way to impact. Also, we carefully screen our potential adopters and you will often find they are going into homes where they are 1 of 1 or 1 of 2 instead of 1 of many. You are simply helping them to get back on track and into their own forever home. Once you see the match walk out your door in love with each other, giving them up truly becomes easy and a great source of joy!

Q: What is required to become a foster? A: First of all, a love of animals. The foster you take in may come with a variety of challenges and it requires love and patience to work through those. Second, you must have all your current animals up to date on shots and we must be able to verify all their care with your veterinarian. Animals must be social enough to accept a new temporary member of the home. Third is a home meeting to discuss your particular circumstances and preferences and meet your ‘family.’ Fourth is ability to coordinate visits to vets, adoption days, etc. We do have volunteer transporters, so your participation is not always required, but helpful at adoption events.

Q: What does Save Ohio Strays provide to foster homes? A: Full vet care for the foster including worming, flea treatment, and all inoculations and altering. High quality food is provided, as well as some toys, bowls, collars, leashes, litter pans, litter and other supplies when available. Many foster home choose to donate supplies for their care, but we will support each foster home’s requests and needs. What you provide is the loving, safe environment so that this foster can become a placeable pet. Some occasionally take additional time to train, but SOS will assist you with that.

Foster Homes are truly the lifeblood of our organization. Our network supports and enjoys each other. It is a fun and rewarding experience. Join us to help make a difference! E-mail us at [email protected] or call us at 440.567.3585 to find out more.

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