Jack #220303: Male Dog
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Jack   ID: 220303   Gender: Male Dog
Available Available: 5/8/2023     Location: Location: In foster care

Breeds: Shih Tzu Altered: Spayed/neutered: Yes
Color: Color: Tan Age: Age: 3 years
Size: Size: Small Weight:
Based on his looks, Jack looks like a dog you want to pet and cuddle with. Based on his story, you might think that surely you can fix his emotional quirks quickly by giving him all he missed out on. But Jack isn't like most dogs. His fears could be triggered by a new person in the house or someone rushing to pet him. Jack needs time, patience and training so please read his entire bio and note that he will need someone in charge of his behavior consistently.......... Jack is a 3 year old shih tzu mix who was surrendered by a puppy mill when he learned that if he wanted to be left alone and not hurt, he needed to snap at the hand reaching for him. This brave little survivor has endured unpleasantries we can only imagine and was severely deprived of any positive human social contact in his life. His first reaction to being touched in his foster home was to lunge and snap, but with time and training he has shown a remarkable capacity to recover from his psychological difficulties of overcoming his horrible puppy mill experience. Jack isn’t a bad dog and can be affectionate to his new owner, but his adopter must accept up-front that he may retain some psychological fears and needs to be treated like a recovering puppy mill dog who defended himself with his teeth. He is learning to trust and will need an understanding owner who will keep him trained and make sure he knows who is in charge or his bad ways will return. So the new owner needs to be able to love him, but not let him get away with things.. He will regress and get snappy if he is allowed to dominate the situation. He’s not good with cats, and due to his propensity to snap, there should be no small children in his new home. Jack will need patience, perseverance and love as he learns to trust his new owner, but also continued training to reinforce positive behaviors in overcoming his previous fears and learn to live life as a loved companion. Jack"s adoption fee is $150 fully vetted. Save Ohio Strays does not have a shelter. Our animals are cared for in foster homes and the first step in our adoption process is to fill out an adoption application at the link on our website at: www.saveohiostrays.org. Save Ohio Strays does NOT claim or guarantee any breeds given in this description. These strays come from shelters so there is usually no further knowledge. These are best guess descriptions for breed. SOS NEVER ships pets and will not adopt out to a driving radius greater than 3 hours from Medina, Ohio.
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