Mia #230601-2: Female Dog
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Mia   ID: 230601-2   Gender: Female Dog
Available Available now     Location: Location: In foster care

Breeds: Pit Bull Terrier - Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler (mix) Altered: Spayed: Yes
Color: Age: Age: 1 year (approx.)
Size: Size: Medium Weight:
These incredibly sweet and super dogs Asta and Mia are confirmed to be siblings according to their DNA results as received from Embark. They came together from a hoarding situation to the Morrow County Shelter and are now in foster care together. It is fascinating to see their genetic similarities, their differences in appearance and personality and their sweet relationship with each other. These girls get along well and play with the other dogs in the foster's pack, they love being with each other in all respects and they also love cuddling, playing, pleasing and being with their people. They make a perfect pack between them, but also such an excellent addition to an existing pack. There is hope that they could be adopted into a forever home together, but if they were to be adopted separately the foster has confidence they will thrive in their new situation with their new pack. Mia is such a beauty, and while she does occasionally chase her tail like a goofball, she is a really smart dog. It seems she got a lot of cattle dog in her personality. She's a very intelligent, athletic, mouthy, engaged and oh so cuddly dog. She does listen to commands and does want to please her owner yet she would do best with an experienced assertive dog owner. Mia is fascinated and can play aggressively with the Chihuahua in the foster's home and needs to be watched with him. Mia is house trained and crate trained. She and Asta go in the crate when left alone during the day, and they also sleep together in a crate at night. They also love to sleep and cuddle on the bed and couch at every opportunity. Save Ohio Strays announces a promotion to help all our wonderful adult dogs find their forever homes, We are offering an adoption fee of only $100 for our fully vetted, fixed and vaccinated family dogs who are ready for their new homes! Our dogs are integrated into their foster homes who can tell you all about them to make the transition into your home informative and supportive. Shelters are brimming right now, so please always choose to adopt! Our first step to adopt is always our online application at saveohiostrays.org. Please share these wonderful dogs so we can help them find their homes which enables us to save more lives. if you adopt both of us SOS is making a special offer of a two for one and you can adopt us both for $100!! Save Ohio Strays does not have a shelter. Our animals are cared for in foster homes and the first step in our adoption process is to fill out an adoption application at the link on our website at: www.saveohiostrays.org. Save Ohio Strays does NOT claim or guarantee any breeds given in this description. These strays come from shelters so there is usually no further knowledge. These are best guess descriptions for breed. SOS NEVER ships pets and will not adopt out to a driving radius greater than 3 hours from Medina, Ohio.
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